What gives whatsapp an edge over other messaging apps?

As the world evolves and new generations with great exposure to knowledge and technology has transformed the way humans perceive their way of life. Those times when talking with each other used to be communicating using a device by speaking out loud. But talking has been replaced with ‘texting’.


The term texting refers to word messages sent to each other. Sending messages through texts has been famous since the mobile phone times and there comes the smartphone era which is an internet enabled device with advanced applications that made us feel “it’s a small world”. One such revolutionary feature is the messaging app like WhatsApp.WhatsApp is used to send messages to anyone in the world who uses the app. It is free of cost and it allows sharing media files as well. It is the most used app by all and it is said to have a revenue of 1.4 million US dollars in 2013. Fast forward to 2020,Guest Posting the total WhatsApp revenue is 5 billion US dollars with 2 billion users around the world.

Turnkeytown develops WhatsApp clones that help to bring steady growth and revenue by incorporating attractive features and user friendly experience with more emphasis on security and privacy.

Attractive features of theWhatsApp clone script


A group chat option – As many as 256 members can be added to a WhatsApp group to ensure seamless communication.
Audio calls – Voice calls can be done by users with others freely by connecting to the Internet (Wi-Fi or mobile data).
Video calls – The quality of communication is enhanced through cost-free and unlimited video calls.
Cloud backup – Users can periodically back up all their chats through integration with the leading cloud platforms like Google Drive and OneDrive.
A blocking mechanism – Users can block abusive, violent, homophobic, and racist content generated by other users. This helps to ensure a safe online chatting experience. Once the “Block” option has been enabled, the users cannot message or do voice/video calls with the blocked user.
WhatsApp Status – Users can share their photos and videos by posting them on the “Status” bar which is visible to all their contacts throughout the world.
A Dark mode option – The user interface turns from white to black if the user utilizes the Dark mode option. This enables the comfortable reading of messages at night and also reduces the battery consumption of their devices.
End-to-end encryption – Top-notch security messaging aggregator software standards are followed as end-to-end encryption is implemented for all the messages and media files that users share on the WhatsApp clone script.
Live sharing of location – Users can share their real-time location with their friends and family members.
Forward messaging – To prevent the spread of fake news and rumours on the WhatsApp clone, messages that are frequently shared will be displayed as “Forwarded many times”. This helps the users to exercise adequate caution before sending it to other users.
WhatsApp for Business – It helps enterprises to boost their business prospects. Firms can utilize “WhatsApp for Business” for sharing instant notifications to their customers, send quick replies via an AI-powered chatbot, and also integrate it with the CRM tools of Salesforce.
WhatsApp Pay – It is an in-app payment option on the WhatsApp app clone development. Users can sync their bank account and transfer funds to other people quickly for free.

Summing up

After the advent of whatsapp many other messaging apps came to the market and tried to surpass whatsapp with their more advanced features, yet whatsapp strives to number one in the market because of its frequent updates and adding up attractive features and focussing more on security has made the app reliable and trustworthy among the population.